Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Youtube Rookie makes the jump!

I have resisted setting up a Youtube account for some time now although I love going to Youtube for ideas to support teaching and learning. I'm not really sure why I resisted but .... maybe it goes back to the fear of putting too much of myself out there. Yet, now that I've posted a biography of myself on Youtube I know I will be checking it to see if people are viewing it; I also hope that some long lost friends stumble across it.

Setting up the Youtube account was painless and downloading my first video was even less painless. Using MovieMaker to make the video was a nightmare. The program froze on me frequently and would not allow me to have two different sound tracks at the same time. I wanted music in the background, but couldn't make it happen unless I recorded myself with the music playing in the background. I tried it but found myself making too many mistakes like recording with the music too loud. I really want to get ahold of a good movie making program, but I'm not sure what is out there yet. Anyway, I now know I can do this!



Leanne Merkowsky said...

Wow - you've made a very impressive video! Talk about setting the bar high for the rest of us. Good job! Well - I'm off to see if I can even hook the camera up to the computer - I'm taking baby steps. Anyhow, I thought you did an outstanding job with the bio and I hope to get to know you better throughout this course.

SKing said...

Thanks Leanne! The assignment took me down memory lane and I just couldn't stop. It didn't feel like an assignment at all; it was more like a reflection of where I've come from. If MovieMaker wasn't such a cranky program, I probably would have done more. LOL! Now I have to decide if I should let my parents see it.

gracemcleod said...

Awesome video Stephen! Love the starwars style rolling credits! I'm still in the process of choosing photos for my bio. I'm not too comfortable with recording myself so I've been going down memory lane as well with photos.

SKing said...

Thanks Grace! I know you will get it done; you might have to do what I did though. I finally decided I had more than enough and decided to finish it. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking a longer version as a gift to my family once this Master's program is done!
Looking forward to seeing your production.

Cheryl Morin said...

Excellent Work to stay focused and overcome some hurdles in the movie making 'industry'. Way to go!!

Terrific Job.:)

Kim said...

This is a great video Stephen! Congratulations on a job very well done. Perhaps your parents would love the stroll down memory lane as well.