Friday, January 30, 2009

So many ideas; so little time!

Where do I begin? I find myself a enthusiastic disciple of Couros (not intended to be sacrilegious!) and in the days that follow a class I am positively bubbling with enthusiasm as I try to spread the Word of Tech! It's interesting how uncomfortable some get when I start preaching from the Book of Couros et al! I keep hearing, "We don't have time!" Yet, some of those people are the ones who are gone before 4:00 and don't have the added strain of course work to contend with along with job responsibilities. How is it that I can find time and they can't! Anyway, I see shadows of hope and I am finding colleagues who are interested in learning more. I spent an hour with our Information Processing teacher on Wednesday after class and even she sees a need to learn more in order to keep up with the changes. I dangled the possibility of auditing the EC&I 831 class next week and I hope she is up to the invite. I really do want to see the staff I work with as enthusiastic about the possibilities technology offers as I am.

I also had a wonderful experience this morning by allowing myself to be interviewed by another Grad student in an Arts Ed program with the University of Victoria (my old turf). She is working on a project about teacher image and asked me many questions that I am still reflecting on, but in the interview I commented that I am frustrated that the most used piece of technology in our school is a piece of chalk with a chalk board! In hindsight though, the reality is probably the photocopier. The world of Web 2.0 appears to be a long way off.

Nevertheless, I feel a synergy building as my excitement is creating dialogue with my peers, my colleague's project has teachers talking to teachers about teaching, and I know there are people on staff taking little peeks into this world and thinking about its implications on them. I talked to four different staff about my Major Digital Project for the EC&I 831 class and I made overtures that I might be interested in working with them if they were interested in being involved. Planting seeds you know!


Classroom Queen said...

Oh my goodness. He's converted another person. EC&I 831 was also a great class for me. I gained so many contacts, ideas and collaborative opportunities through the course. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Sheri Edwards said...

I teach in Washington State, and struggle with similar feelings. I so want to move ahead right along with my students. It's not easy running with new ideas (I might fall and hurt myself), but I'm holding on to the sharp end and letting my students grab the handles to cut their way into their future. And isn't that what it's all about? Kudos to you for your observations and positive outlook.