Thursday, January 22, 2009

Normalization of Technology mixed with the joy of Teaching!

Today was, as usual, a busy day at school for me. I taught two classes this morning and the rest of the day was a blur as I tried to plug holes because of staff illnesses. I didn't think about it much during the day, but when I got home I thought about how technology affected my day at school. As I reflected on it, I realized that in many ways technology is a normal part of my life at work. I used Word to make some posters about the Saskatchewan Departmental Exams which began today, I used a PowerPoint lesson on paragraph writing with two grade 8 Language Arts classes I covered, I used MAT (Marks and attendance Program) to locate a phone number of a parent, my superintendant communicated a message to me regarding Math resources through e-mail, I received information about a student's flight to Ottawa coming up on the weekend through e-mail, I printed an application form for a student wanting to take an online class next semester, and I responded to an e-mail from a student taking an online class. That was the school business side; I also checked my own e-mail, checked my blog and was pleased to see someone in Rochester had responded to one of my blogs. I also noticed two student council members handwriting quotes about love to decorate the school with and I sensed some frustration on their part at the time it was taking; I suggested a copy and paste solution that they had not thought of and they ended up working on their project until six. It was just another day.

I hadn't planned to stay at school that late, but my daughter was involved in decorating and they needed a staff member to stay with them. Some complained that they were hungry so I called my wife and had her drop off some pop and chips which allowed us to sit and chat informally; it felt right. I was working, if you can call it work, with kids! I was happy and in a way didn't want the decorating to end so I prolonged it byI entertaining them with a previous blog of mine that contained a Youtube video that saw people running into a huge puddle that had been created as a practical joke.

I now realize that though I do enjoy working with technology, it is the people I am in contact with that leaves me feeling fulfilled. I enjoyed a short conversation in the hallway with a teacher about the differences between two grade 8 classes with the same course content; comparing notes about teaching, when you spend most of your time in administrivia, is actually quite refreshing! Calling a worried parent and letting her know I finally had her son's flight information was far more satisfying than finding the e-mail in the first place. And seeing students happy while doing something for the good of others and themselves on their time was somehow a joyful event. Today was a reminder, I am a teacher first and I am thankful that I was called to be one.

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