Monday, January 26, 2009

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

bjnesbitt's Vision of K-12 Students today ( got my attention. For one, I thought it was ironic that, aside from the opening images, the text of the video was done using white boards only. Most of the text was man made print, yet the point made is that students are 21st Century learners. I appreciated the irony. I also felt some frustration as the ideals of bjnesbitt's vision seem so far away in public schools today. Maybe that was his point for using the white boards.

Seeing the concept of 21st Century learners sort of jarred me as I have been so used to thinking of the 20th Century that I haven't quite shifted into thinking that it is a Century in the history books. And I'm embarassed to admit that I still don't know what a podcast is or what they are used for; that will be something I have to explore in a later blog.

I also appreciated the fact that the material is referenced at the end; it is just not thrown out as fact. Too often we see things or hear things in popular media that is not referenced and it is accepted as fact. It also reminded me of a Youtube video that I thought was very powerful that I first saw thanks to my friends at called ShiftHappens. It is a longer video (7+minutes) but the music is good! It can be viewed at It also paints a picture of a world undergoing rapid change; well worth watching. Come to think of it, I should use it with a career ed class I teach.

I have attached this picture to remind those of us who came out of the 20th century just how far we've come. This picture is of my sister checking out my dad's new word processor - errrr - electric typewriter (just so the kids know what it was called). Incidentally, the typewriter was new and the year was 1980 (the year I graduated from High School). My how the world has changed!


Cheryl Morin said...

Hi Steven,

Great job on your blog set up!

I feel really old remembering the tech. of yesteryear. Yesterday, my class was talking about changes in music listening tools. I had to tell one student my first record was like what she would know to be similiar to a CD before she understood what I was talking about...
Today we discussed creating voice threads and they were amazed and excited to be trying this feature out. What NEXT is what I say... Bring it on...LOL
Your blog list is informative. I've digressed from my own reading and started reading yours...:YIKESZ.
We have to start using our blogs to discuss our readings. I still like the WIki for that purpose.
Take Care. :)

Cheryl Morin said...

How do you add the feature 'comment moderation' to your blog?

SKing said...

Cheryl, thank you so much for your comments. I really miss being in class with you as I always valued what you had to say. I'm getting a real charge out of blogging. So much so that I'm putting off other stuff that needs to be done! LOL! I think the moderate comments comes in settings but can't remember. I'll get back to you when I figure it out.