Monday, January 12, 2009

You just have to fool around!

The title might have grabbed your attention, but now it is my job as a writer to keep it! I've been experimenting tonight with the settings on my blog and I learned it is possible to place an image on the title bar of the blog. I'm not happy with the image I've posted as a trial run and I hope to change it before long once I've learned a little more. I also learned how to add a gadget, although after playing the first sudoku puzzle to show up on my blog I wonder if I selected a lower quality game to attach. I'll try another version later I think.
I've been viewing other blogs and wikis with images in the titles and I am wondering how do they do that? I've been really impressed by the quality of some like the edtechposse logo and the head with an opened lock logo used on and others. It ads a special dimension to the look of the blog and it suggests that the creator has some special talents with technology. If anyone can share with me how to make a unique logo using the power of the internet, please let me know.
As I was writing this it occurred to me that capturing an image from someone else's blog or wiki is a relatively easy thing to do. It also made me wonder if there are unscrupulous bloggers who try to pose as someone they are not by using the logos of another. Maybe, this is the privacy concern that many of technologies nay sayers are flooding us all with coming out. I guess I will always be somewhat cautious about what I put on the internet about myself, but I wonder if I've already shared too much for one wanting to steal an identity.
I have also allowed my image to be used by a teacher friend and artist for her Master's project on teacher identity. She surprised me with a dress the administrator page that left me dumbfounded in the staffroom. I laughed from the soul and at the same time I wondered would the use of my head on a man's body dressed only in boxers be seen as inappropriate conduct for an administrator. You can check the site out at if you are curious. I decided it was obviously humourous and allowed the page to remain possibly forever in cyberspace.
If this is my 15 minutes of famethough, I feel cheated.

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