Friday, October 24, 2008

Scraping Hide

I should have brought my camera to school today as I had my first opportunity to try scraping a moose hide! I know for many people this is a strange thing to write about but for me it was an amazing experience. For one, it looks a lot easier than it is to do; it also has a smell to it that once on you seems almost impossible to get away from. I washed my hands 3 or 4 times and I could still smell the flesh I was scraping on my hands despite spending only 10 minutes working on it. I really developed an appreciation for the skill involved in scraping a hide. I imagined what life was like for aboriginal people who depended on hides for clothing and shelter and I thought about the work involved and I gained a small but new insight into what life must have been like for aboriginal people. Thanks to the elders for their sharing!

It was a glorioius day today with a wind blowing, blue sky overhead, and mild temperatures especially for this time of year. There is something to be said for outdoor learning opportunities.

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