Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do you play with your Wiki?

I've been experimenting with Wikispaces since I attended a class with Dr. Alec Couros of the University of Regina this past spring. He was so enthusiastic about what technology can do for us that it became contagious. You couldn't help but think to yourself, and out loud for that matter, that you just have to try some of this stuff. I have become a lot less paranoid about putting myself out there in the world wide web as a result. I currently have two active Wikis; the one I am most active with right now will have a relatively short shelf life as it is a collaborative assignment that I am working on with six other people and is due on November 1, 2008. It can be found at if you are interested. The other is an idea I want to play around with and it is essentially an electronic staffroom. With a teaching staff of 32 and a support staff of 13, it is sometimes difficult to communicate with people so I am hoping this will be part of the answer. This Wiki can be found at

If you have never experimented with Wikis, I am encouraging you to have a look at them; they are essentially web pages that can easily be updated and added to. You can set up your own account at and it is not difficult to get started. If you want to see what Dr. Couros has done, I suggest you go to; he has posted a long list of programs that you may find useful. Incidentally, I found out about teachertube because of this site!

Well I'm not sure how I will connect all this to my community based master's project except that it could be a way of sharing what I learn. More on this later.

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