Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video Blogging or Vlogging

Ever get tired of typing? Ever want to say something instead of writing something? Well I thought I would experiment a little this evening as I just purchased a small web cam Creative Live!Cam ($36.97 @ Walmart) to experiment with. I had my first Skype Camera call earlier with my wife and now I want to see the movie making capabilities of the camera. Hope you enjoy my efforts.


Kim said...

Would you be interested in the technology consultant position? You would be an excellent candidate! I think that more technology incorporated in northern communities would not only enhance student learning but would also allow students, teachers and the community to become more connected. I found while living in LaLoche that the exerperience became quite secluded at times, especially in the winter. (I should note that I loved the seclusion but for some it was a reason to leave)

Alec Couros said...

I've loving that I can hear Tweetdeck in the background! Who woulda thunk? :-)

After the course is over, I'd love to talk about possibilities for technology in northern Saskatchewan. There is so much that can be done, it gets me quite excited. And, even more exciting, knowing that people like you will be leading the charge!

Note, the Captch authorization text was "dedly" ... that pretty much sums it up. :-)

Dean said...


We did have a teacher committee develop a filtering policy. You'd be welcome to look at it.

Congrats on your desire and efforts to explore what are great opportunities for learning.

Cheryl Morin said...

Hi S.K.,

Darren said you're making inroads in your area with ICT's.
So great to hear of your division wanting more than a repairperson. I think they were just waiting for someone like yourself to start asking sincere and motivating questions. Perhaps you will take that role after all you're now modelling how managable it is. You can still live in L.L., use all of the tools and then some to connect ,collaborate and communicate with your cronies.
Thanks for creating the La Ronge Cohort Ning. Did you send me an invitation???
Are you doing a project for your last class? Hope your 50 pager is moving to your frontal paper seems to have a mind of its own and is not yet ready to surface but I can feel the parts connecting!
Great job on your blog!!

puttputt said...

I completely agree with the school division in having a 'technology consultant'. I would wager that my high school computer science teacher spent more time 'helping' other teachers/classes with technology related things (setting up a projecter, fixing student logins) than he did teaching our class!

Melva said...

I agree, Stephen, there definitely needs to be ongoing teacher input and a teacher as consultant to other teachers. Of course, we still need the tech guys to do the repairs, but they need to be guided by teachers and teachers need help with all the new stuff. I think this may be a new direction for you, or for someone else, but you would be good at it.