Friday, March 6, 2009

I should have a career in Moodling

It seems like everyday I'm learning something new in Moodle. Today, I was determined to insert a sound item into the resource list for the first lesson I prepared for a Career Education class in Moodle. I felt I had to do this because some of the students are not yet fluent in English and need assistance with reading longer passages. Fortunately, I remembered reading Kim's blog about Vocaroo and decided I would try it; needless to say, I succeeded on my first try! You can listen to my recording of a piece from the Saskatchewan Grade 7 Career Education curriculum titled, I'm a success (see Vocaroo icon below).

With this success under my belt so easily, I decided I would tackle the issue of moving the resources around. I quickly learned how to move the tasks to the right but I struggled with moving them up or down. I finally noticed a button I had not tried when editing and my problem was solved.

Update: If you visited this site earlier, you would have realized you needed a password to hear my reading of "I'm a success." It turned out to be a very tricky operation to link Vocaroo to my blog once I had a password. For some reason, Vocaroo would not let me copy the full HTML link and post it in the blog even when I was not logged in. I wonder if others have had a similar experience; I have not had a problem posting it into moodle and have done so successfully on two occasions, but now I wonder if others can listen or will they too need a password. If others will need a password, I will need to be setting up a different account just for Vocaroo. Simple to record using it though!

I am a Success. Click on the play button to hear recording.


Kim said...

Stephen, I wanted to listen to your voice recording (great idea for those ESL students) but a password was required. When I used Vocaroo with my students, I didn't sign in. I recorded my students' voices and then copied and pasted the embedding codes and URL. I guess the recordings were lost each time someone new recorded but I had the codes as access.

SKing said...

Thanks Kim. I tested it but I must have been logged in at the time. I'll have to redo the reading when I'm not logged in - that link really frustrated me last night and I usually do not have a problem.

Kim said...

I tried your new recording and you came through loud and clear!