Thursday, March 12, 2009

The road that should not be taken!

I've been browsing the web and trying things here and there, but this was truly a fun application for me to experiment with.

Atom Smasher allows you to change the text on signs as I have done in the picture. I have always complained about the road in north west Saskatchewan for its many potholes especially between Buffalo Narrows and La Loche. I frequently make the comment to my family when we see a sign that says caution rough road ahead that they really should have a sign that says, "Caution paved sections ahead." Well this application allowed my to make my commment visual! What sign have you always wanted to see? Give it a try!


Echo said...

Very cute

TH said...

Too much fun Stephen. I think this will be fun, especially in my Psych class when we do perceptions. Thanks for the fun site.

Kim said...

Very funny! I've been on that road to LaLoche and you've hit the nail on the head so to speak!