Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was introduced to Ning this weekend by Shelley Deck, a teacher at LLCS. She has set up a Ning network for our school and invited me to join. Ning is a social networking program with a difference. It allows you to control membership by invitation! Why is that a positive feature? I think the power is that for those who are reluctant to participate in a forum where everyone can see what you are doing, it provides a forum where only those invited can participate. It also allows you to customize the site to include a variety of widgets to suit the purposes of the network.

I like what I see of it so far, but wonder if there are disadvantages to the site. Nevertheless, in the spirit of learning as much as I can, I have established a site for the Community Based Master's Program - La Ronge cohort in hopes that our class can remain connected even after our program is completed.

For anyone in the class that has not yet received an invitation (and there are some whose E-mail addresses I am missing), please contact me through Webct and share your e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

HI Stephen:

I can see this being the type of social network site that would be appealing to me based on how you have described it. I guess I should take the time to check it out! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Right on Stephen! Now can our first assignment be to rename the blog? Jkg
That's actually my classroom blog's first mini assignment was. We're still working on it though, hopefully we'll be decided by the end of this week.