Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Good Reason to Twitter!

I've been chatting with @plind (Penny Lindballe) tonight on Twitter and was overwhelmed by some things she put me on to through links in Twitter. I felt very much like a student as she was throwing links out at me faster than I could view them (and @plind I visited them all). She did what Shareski was advocating last night - she shared her time and her knowledge and I am better off because of her willingness to share. The best part is she was able to expand my thinking by linking me to someone who has influenced her thinking. It's awesome.

One of the links she posted was a particularly impressive blog. The blog called The Fischbowl was titled simply "What if?". If you read nothing else from my blog, go to this link. It might just rock your world. The issues discussed in the blog were written in 2006, but are so relevant to my world and I'll bet yours too here in 2009. I plan to put a paper copy of 'What If' on the staffroom table; I know it won't be popular with some, but I also know it will make people think!


jackie said...

Stephen as always I enjoy reading your blogs. This blog in particular really got me thinking, today I held a high school assembly and I reminded students that cell phones, Ipods and MP3 players are not allowed in the classrooms. The teachers find that they are a distraction and they do not want them in their classrooms. After reading this blog, I know question myself and the rule.

Anonymous said...

That was a great link Stephen. The last slide honestly gave me the chills. I think I'm going to sneak in a copy at our staff room. Our school has banned any use of cell phones (we don't even have cell phone service yet) and mp3 players.

SKing said...

@Jackie and @Grace I feel the same way. I've even made the sign to let students know they are not allowed. As I reflected on this topic, I got to thinking about David Friesen's discussion with us almost two years ago about how we are living contradictions. This is one of them! I'm not sure I know the answer, but it is a question we need to talk about as educators. Unfortunately, many of our colleagues view this issue as black and white.

Tech Mom said...

Stephen it's been a pleasure interacting with you on Twitter! So many did the same for me when I joined in and it made all the difference in the world. The great thing about Twitter (and other Social Networking) is that your network extends beyond the people that you would normally have contact with. Where else could I have conversations with principals, teachers, ed tech professionals, and university profs on an open platform without hierachical roles getting in the way?
I am really impressed with how you have jumped into all of this with ease! I look forward to reading the book you recommended (see sharing always goes both ways :-) ) and I look forward to reading what you think as you venture further in your learning!