Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Household Pet? Member of the Family!

Well my dog forced me out of the closet this weekend! I have to admit that her life has an importance in my family life. I have always been a little irreverant about her place in our home since she chewed up my favourite sandals as a pup! I affectionately call her 'dumb dog' and I was not ashamed to use guilt to make the kids pay attention to her. Seemed liked I was the only one who fed her and gave her water and I was the one that never wanted a dog.
Well she has been a part of our lives for 9 years now and on Saturday we nearly lost her. She went under the back wheel of a Ford F150 and came out of the situation crying like I'd never heard her cry before and dragging herself across the road in a fashion that left me thinking I'd have to finish her off with the shovel I was holding. Fortunately, a police officer neighbour came out and told me he thought she would be okay judging by her legs. Well I picked her up and brought her inside and me and my daughter began a vigilance that lasted all evening Saturday and into Sunday. She wouldn't eat or drink and at one point made an effort to get outside. We helped her because we thought she wanted to pee, but it was like she wanted to go and hide. It took us an hour to coax her out from under the deck. Anyway, she finally drank a little just before bed on Saturday and she ate a little on Sunday as well drank some. It wasn't until Monday that we knew she could still pee; my poor wife had a huge mess to clean up.
Anyway, I bundled her up on Monday afternoon and pulled my daughter out of school and headed for the vet in Meadow Lake. The trip passed uneventfully and the vet took a quick look at her and concluded that she would heal. Her pelvis is broken but that will fuse together again in a matter of days or weeks. His biggest concern is that her diaphram may be broken and she will need surgery for that. He set her up with an IV and some pain killer and placed her in a kennel until x-rays can be done in the morning. We had to leave her there, but we left with lighter hearts knowing she was being helped and confident that she will make a recovery if we give her the time.
I have to confess I'm glad the dumb dog is going to make it even though it is going to cost me $$$. My kids have had to deal with enough tragedy lately; a miraculous recovery from their dog will ease their worries and make life seem more forgiving. And hopefully, my wife's long distance running companion will be able to enjoy more runs in the future. Rest well tonight Scooter; you may be home in a day or two.

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